Pierre Noel
Pierre Noel CEO of Pro Languages Noel Academy English and French teacher since 2008, Accounting degree , Master in international business. I can train you to have a good conversation based on our methodology.
Philip Lee Friot
Former Principal
Former School Principal in Buffalo, New York. Holds a Masters degree in foreign Language Education. 34 years of experience in the field of English as a Foreign Language Education.
Paul Alcantara
Prof. ESL / EFL
Paul Alcantara Aka Paulther, a sociable and smart person, an ESL and EFL Teacher for over 20 years. Entrepreneur, CEO of Ce.D.Ha.L powered by UTTERANCE ENGLISH PROGRAM, Learning Methologic Coordinator, Podcaster, INFOTEP English teacher in numerous technical disciplines.
Paul Juny
Prof. French
Paul Juny Chandeloune JULMISE, a graduate in nursing, passionate about teaching and pedagogy, offers French lessons from the technical foundations with special attention to schoolchildren from level 1 to 5.
Omar Luzon
Prof. Mathematics
Omar Luzón Belén a Mathematics teacher for 20 years, with a degree in Education with a mention in Mathematics and Physics, with special attention to the teaching of Mathematics and Algebra for 3rd to 5th grade of Secondary.
Kendy Auguste
Prof. English Speaking
Kendy AUGUSTE Also known as Loverken, an Affable Man, associate in arts and English,Entrepreneur, CEO of IE SCHOOL, Consecutive Sermon Interpreter, Medical Interpreter, Tourism Manager, Marketing Officer, Radio and TV Host, An awe-inspiring ESL Teacher for more than 13 years.
Ginet Carolina
Prof. Comprehensive Education
Ginet Carolina Jiménez Silva, Spanish Language with 23 years of service. She has a degree in Comprehensive Education with a specialty in Educational Systems.
Gabriela Heredia
Prof. English
Gabriela Heredia, degree in English Oriented to Education, introducing the English language as a communicative approach that pursues the four abilities of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing with the grammar integrated.